Fast on the heels of celebrating the BPHA’s 50th Anniversary, we want to canvas Beechwood community residents’ views on the NEXT 50 years!  We want to learn what improvements to the facilities, programs, events and activities would entice more neighbours to join the BPHA.  By year-end, we aim to develop a common vision for community building in our very own Beechwood neighbourhood.  All based on your input and ideas!



The BPHA is all about community building, and we welcome broad participation from those who live in our neighbourhood.  The infrastructure at the rec centre is aging, which presents both challenges and opportunities.  Understanding more about the interests of the people who live here will help us make decisions about the ‘right’ renovations, improvements and programs for the future.

We are starting this project now, so we have plans in place when major, costly repairs become imminent.  This could be years from now, but we want to be prepared.



Most of 2020 will be devoted to collecting ideas and suggestions from all members, as well as all other neighbours in our Beechwood area.  We want to hear ideas from everyone!

Step one:  Explain the project and provide a place for input and ideas. To this end we’ve launched this new tab on our website; you will find an Ideas Form under the Member & Non-Member Idea tabs.  Please fill it out.  It is the place for you to record your specific ideas.  This Ideas Form will remain open until Sept 30, 2020.  Please come back with input and ideas as they occur to you.

All input will be kept anonymous. The ideas will be summarized and shared to facilitate further idea development!

Step two:  In March, we will distribute a short survey to all members and non-members.  The results will be tabulated, summarized and shared.

Step three:  In June, July and August we will host six ‘Neighbourhood Dialogue’ meetings to build understanding and exchange views on all the research collected to date.


In summary, the best plans will be built on a solid understanding of the needs and interests of the people who live here. And the next 10 months will give us many opportunities to share and debate different ideas. This year we will work toward generating a common vision for community building in our Beechwood neighbourhood.





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