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"On  August 1,1967 we moved to Waterloo from Ottawa. Beechwood  appealed to us because it was walking distance to U of W  and Centennial School (which opened in January '68).  At that time,  the majority of residents were young families and the Recreation Centre was the meeting place.  Within weeks our children, Teresa ,5, and Mike, 3, made many friends, and since we had to accompany them to the pool, our first friendships were formed at the pool. Because of the availability of tennis courts, the family  took up tennis and  we played for many years.   Moving to this community was the best decision that we made; we have enjoyed contributing to the various staged of its growth.   We were sorry to see the farms behind us disappear!" - John and Maria Brzozowski

"We have lived in Beechwood Park for 35 years.  Our 3 children, Eric, Kate, and Alex, all grew up at our Recreation Centre learning to swim and play tennis, playing with their friends, going to movie nights, getting their lifeguard certification.   For us as parents it was like having the best daycamp right around the corner.  A generation later our kids are fully grown with 5 children of their own.  All of our grandchildren, who live in Toronto,  now refer to our Recreation Centre as Camp Waterloo and spend weeks at a time during the summer at our home enjoying the same activities at our Rec Centre as their parents did back in the day.  In fact, Naomi, our 5 year old, insists on having her birthday party at our lovely pool Gazebo every year because she loves it here so much.  Myrna and I both feel so fortunate to have been part of the Beechwood Park Homes Association all these years.  Its had such a positive influence on us and all our kids and grandkids.  We know that many other BPHA members with grandchildren would echo these sentiments. Thank you." - Steve and Myrna

"We moved here from the U.S. with our young family after looking at a number of cities in Ontario. Beechwood Park won us over with its unique, visionary community concept, not just the rec centre, pool and tennis courts, but the interconnected network of pathways and green spaces. We thought then…what a great place to raise kids! And it truly is." - Chris Copp

"Beechwood Park Homes Association has been an integral part of my story ever since I was little. I’ve lived in this community my whole life, and the neighbourhood is busy with happenings but still quiet and homey. Living so close to the pool and tennis courts allowed me to take the majority of my swimming courses as well as tennis lessons right near home, making life easier for my parents and giving me a sense of friendship within my community. I remember looking up to the lifeguards and thinking that I wanted to be like them when I was older: the chance to guard at the pool I grew up at was a goal I had always strived towards. After some time and effort, I can now say that I achieved that goal: this will be my second summer working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at BPHA, and the reward of getting to interact with kids and make an impact in their lives just like how my role models influenced me has been more than I ever expected."  - Victoria Giguere

"It saddens me to say that I unfortunately will not be able to return to BPHA this summer. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team over these past two years. I have learned so much and have absolutely loved working with all the kids and parents. I feel so lucky to have had the pool as a part of my childhood and youth. I will miss it terribly but it is time to turn the page and move on to some new opportunities. Thank you again for your wonderful leadership, guidance and memories. Wishing you and the BPHA staff the very best for summer 2018!" - Lauren Hunter

"My name is Oscar Judelson-Kelly and I have had the immense pleasure of being a part of BPHA tennis ever since I arrived in the neighbourhood in 2005, when I was four years old. The coaches at BPHA stimulated and instilled my passion for the sport right from my first class and it has grown ever since - I became more and more involved in the sport taking active roles in tournaments, at the Waterloo Tennis Club and at my high school. A few years ago I wanted to take an opportunity to give back to BPHA what it had given me, and I became a coach teaching the tennis classes. It has been such a pleasure to interact with our diverse, strong and supportive community through the sport that I love and spend so many hours of the morning in the sun on the courts. These are memories that I will cherish forever and is why I love BPHA tennis. There are opportunities for all age groups - from classes for the very beginners to the end of year tournaments for the experienced and from junior classes all the way to adult lessons and senior round robins. I believe that such a safe and inclusive environment has lead me to develop essential life skills of an active life style, hard work, resilience and empathy, all qualities that transcend the boundaries of sport. BPHA tennis has given memories, skills, friends and a deep passion that lies with me to this day, and I could not be more thankful." Oscar Judelson-Kelly, August 2019




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