The original vision and Rec Centre plan came from Abram Wiebe over 50 years ago.

The Future Flows from the Present:

Whatever tomorrow may bring it is unlikely to be simply more of today. As man copes with the more equitable distribution of the earth’s finite resources, long-term planning will become the rule. Urban blight and suburban sprawl will be replaced by much more careful use of our land resources. Population density will increase in urban areas. Designers will more and more have to cope with providing privacy and a sense of space for individuals and family units in these densely populated areas. Whatever the future holds, Major Holdings will continue its dedication to meeting human and business needs in innovative and imaginative ways.

—Abram Wiebe, circa 1965, donor and builder of current BPHA Rec Centre

In 1968, Abram Wiebe built our current swimming pool for summer use and installed tennis courts which we currently use for as many months as possible. He then donated this facility to our BPHA, introducing the idea of Homes Associations for residents to manage and maintain. His vision of neighborhoods has served us well over the past 50 years. Building on this vision for the Next 50 years is our challenge and our opportunity.

As outlined in the 2019 Board Directors  year-end reports it is prudent for us to begin planning for major repairs and rebuilding. Given the age of the facility it is inevitable that the pool liner, or the pool itself will face serious problems that will be very expensive to repair. It is impossible to predict the exact date of such events. Considerations include:

  • Does it make financial sense to install a new liner (est. cost of 25-40k) on a 50-year-old concrete pool?
  • Potential restoration/refinishing/replacement of the pool itself could necessitate digging up the deck as well as major renovations to the pool house. This type of disruption presents an opportunity for changing and potentially improving the current site. If we have heavy equipment on site would this also be the time to make other changes?

These are some of the questions and issues facing this Board and this planning team. We are therefore initiating a 3-4 year  planning process. Our first step will be to devote the next 7 months to collecting input from all members, all neighborhood residents, the City, and other Beechwoods. This process will help create a common vision for the future.

In the interim, of course, we will continue to keep the facility well maintained and look after necessary repairs. New initiatives will be carefully assessed for integration with a new long-term plan for redevelopment.

Facility improvement ideas collected in 2019

...from members & topline ideas from our Planning & Doing Team. These two lists are intended to provide background information and stimulus material for the current project.



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