BPHA Pool - COVID Guidelines


There will be two staff members on duty at all times; one Lifeguard and one Safety Supervisor. 

• Lifeguard 

• Will be identifiable by a red lifeguard shirt. 

• Safety Supervisor 

• Will be identifiable by a neon yellow vest. 

Capacity limits

In order to meet the physical distancing requirements outlined by the Province of Ontario and the Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit (WRPHU), we must reduce the capacity of people at the Recreation Centre at all times. In order to facilitate this, we will be: 

  • Maximum of 30 people behind the gate at all times. This number is what WRPHU deemed permissible for our site. 
  • All programs including Lane swims, Aquafits, Camps and Group Swim Lessons will have reduced capacity limits.
  • The pool will be available on a first come, first serve basis. On days where the pool is busy and we have a line up we will be asking the members to limit their swim to 1 hour maximum. When the hour is up, and there are no other members waiting, the swim time may be extended. 
  • If you want to check how busy the pool is before you head over please call the office at 519-746-1082
  • No Guests will be permitted at the start of the season to help manage our limited capacity.
  • Grandchildren, nannies, summer babysitters will not be considered guests during this time. 
  • As our capacity limits and government gathering numbers change we will revisit this restriction. 
  • The pool will be divided into three sections to help create sections within the pool and encourage members to properly distance while swimming. 
  • We will have a limited number of lounge chairs available for member use. We ask that if you plan to sit on the wood benches that you first place down a towel.
  • Masks to be worn on the deck, until time to enter the water. 


Members will complete a COVID screening BEFORE coming to the facility (“None of the above'' scenario).  Please see Covid-19 Screening tab on the website.  Members will enter through the designated entrance outside the facility, and wait until the Safety Supervisor calls them forward. Please practise social distancing (keep 2M between you/your household unit and others) at all times while at the pool. This includes distancing from all staff. Members need to sanitize upon entry and exit of the facility. There will be pumps at the exit, and in between the washroom/office area.

The Safety Supervisor will welcome everyone and walk you through our entrance guidelines: 

Ensure that all members who wish to enter the pool area have answered a series of COVID screening questions for all members in their family who will be attending the facility. The link to the questionnaire can be found on the website www.bpha.ca and needs to be completed prior to heading to the pool. Remind members that everyone must take a shower with warm water and soap and rinse thoroughly before entering the pool.


Members will wear masks according to government/Region of Waterloo Public Health guidelines. Staff members will use and have access to PPE to address various situations at the facility. 

Change Rooms and Washrooms 

A change room will be available to one family at a time. The changerooms will remain locked. To gain access, Members must ask the Safety Supervisor to let them in. 

It is recommended that members come ready to swim.

The washrooms will be wiped down between uses by the Safety Supervisor. 



It is a Public Health requirement that all bathers shower before entering the pool. There is body wash in the shower dispenser for Member use. Since we are not operating a “lost and found” at this time, all toiletry items that are left behind will be disposed of. 

If families wish to shower after their swim, they must do so quickly, to help maintain the max of 30 members on site.

The water fountain will not be available for use, but you can fill up your own bottle at the washroom sink, so please bring water from home. 

Facility Flow 

To ensure flow through the facility, all members will enter through the front gate and follow the green arrows and red arrows on the ground, to get where they need to go. Members  are asked to use the one area to keep their personal items etc. (towel, water bottles, shoes). Please maintain the 2 m physical distancing while walking on the deck.


Pool Toys/Pool Behaviour 

BPHA pool toys will not be available for Member use. If you would like to bring toys, please make sure to mark them with your name and keep them in your assigned area. If a lifeguard deems a pool toy unsafe, they will notify you and ask that you refrain from using it for the duration of your visit. Please ensure that you take pool toys home with you at the end of your scheduled time. No snorkels will be permitted. 

NO spitting or water-spouting of any kind will be tolerated both in/out of the water. Children need to be supervised and spitting/water-spouting may result in expulsion for the day. 

“No Go” Areas 

The area behind the lifeguard table is to be considered a “no go” area, unless you are leaving the deep end to exit or to use the washroom, or if there is an emergency. 

As much as our lifeguards love to chat with our younger Members, the 2-metre physical distance must be maintained at all times, unless there is an emergency. 

The back area of the gazebo, where the picnic tables are stacked and the BBQ’s are stored, is considered a “no go” area, this area is marked by red tape. 


For the first phase of our opening, no food is to be brought to the facility. 

Cleaning Protocols 

The lifeguard and Safety Supervisor will be cleaning and sanitizing all high-touch surfaces (gate, chairs, loungers, pool ladders and shower etc.) in between group use.


These high-touch surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected by Health Canada approved solutions. 

Lost and Found 

Please remember to take home everything that you bring to the Facility, as we will not be keeping a “lost and found” bin.


More information on Summer programming will be added soon.




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